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Vallourec signs two-year contract with IMC Saste

IMC Saste has just signed a 24 month contract with Vallourec, a French steel tubes manufacturer, using tubes for moving trucks in company's plant in Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte.

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Petrobrás acknowledges IMC Saste team for the optimization of the logistic processes

Nothing better than working with partners who not only meet our needs, but also contribute to a more peaceful and productive day by day.

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Focus on the well-being of employees

Quality of life is a matter of changing habits. From a sedentary lifestyle to regular physical activity, from the intake of low-nutrition foods to a balanced diet, from a few hours of sleep to a good night's sleep, from stress to balance, from a disease state to a healthier life.

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IMC Saste is among the largest in Brazil.

Just like a GPS, that guides the way and shows the distance we are from the destination address, market research is an important tool that shows the situation of companies in relation to their goals and objectives. And IMC Saste has confirmed to be on the right track.

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Transparency and proximity to customers

Who works in the energy industry knows how important it is to ensure the quality of the services performed for the safety of all people involved and the integrity of customer assets.

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